Webinar – REIA on Rare Earth Market and Geo-Economics

DATE: 11 March 2021

TIME: 13.00-15.00 (CEST)


We are witnessing a rebound of the metal markets these days after the COVID-19 rattled the global market in most parts of 2020. This has been apparent especially within the rare earth sector as the global export has been increasing along with increased pressure on prices, particularly for the magnet materials. The prices of main rare earth magnet materials still continue to rise due to upstream bottlenecks and a strong resurgence of demand in China. Sector-wise, REE demand from wind turbines, EV/hybrid EV drivetrains and consumer electronics is expected to increase exponentially. Meanwhile, on the geopolitical front, there has been a number of developments at the national level, especially in China and U.S as the rare earths continue to be of interest for investors and governments around the world.

The dynamics for rare earths supply and demand remain uncertain with the COVID still around. REIA invites experts to ponder upon what is the rare earth outlook for the year ahead and beyond?

Register here: » REIA Webinar on Rare Earth Market and Geo-Economics GloREIA (global-reia.org)


13.00-13.05Introduction and welcome, Badrinath Veluri, REIA President
13.05-13.25NdPr outlook and opportunity for future supply from Arafura, Lloyd Kaiser, Arafura Resources, Australia
13.35-13.55Rare earth – An investor’s view, Thomas Krummer, GITI Singapore
14.05-14.25Global market overview and expected challenges for the international rare earth industry, David Merriman, Roskill, United Kingdom
14.35-14.55Policy and market: Possibilities under the new U.S. presidency, Roderick Eggert, Colorado School of Mines, USA
14.55-15.10Q&A and wrap-up

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