Week commencing 20th January 2021 – Patent Tracker and Review

Rare Earth’s Weekly Patent Review


In the previous week we identified 14 new patent documents in the area of rare earth permanent magnets. Twelve of these were from Chinese assignees and one from Korea.

The majority of Chinese patents relate to permanent magnet production methods including coating technologies. One patent to Yantai Shougang Magnetic Materials Co Ltd describes application of a ceramic coating to a NdFeB magnet and another to Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan High Tech Co Ltd describes an anti-corrosion treatment consisting of a surface modification of NdFeB magnets. The method includes soaking the freshly prepared magnet in acetic acid and ethanol, then drying in an oxygen-containing atmosphere. A further patent filed by Nanjing University of Science and Technology describes the plating of copper onto the permanent magnet surface and the formation of a copper-rich grain boundary phase which prevents magnet corrosion.  

A patent filed by Signal Engineering Co. Ltd. through the Korean patent office describes the production of a ring-shaped magnet assembly with very specific details of the magnet dimensions and production method required to achieve them:

KR102206112 B1 Manufacturing Device of Ring Type Magnet Assembly and Ring Type Magnet Assembly Manufactured Thereby

The subject of the recent REE magnet patents is indicative of a more mature industry which is looking to reduce costs and improve product efficiency. The dominance of Chinese assignees continues to prevail and should be noted by Western entities wishing to establish a self-sufficient supply chain.

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